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Manage and sell your lots easily with our ground-breaking software. It’s 100% safe and it can be integrated into your website.

Bidbit caters to your needs and those of the industry

Hold timed and live auctions
From the following functions:


Statistics Dashboard.

Analyze the most relevant data!


User registration and validation.

Know your buyers better!

Lot Management

Auction creation and management.



Self-management and creation of categories for lots to be auctioned.


Notifications Center

All communication to your users in just one place.

Buyer view:


Your buyers must access the platform in order to start bidding. It’s a quick simple process!

Buyer view:

Lot Preview

To guarantee the best user experience, we feature an interface that is practical for nativagation and for showing the details of each lot.

Buyer view:

and Favorites Filter

Time is king during an auction, so—in order to provide a fast search—this option allows buyers to select their favorite lots.

Buyer view:


Dynamic and easy-to-use. Buyers can make bids safely and in real time.

Buyer view:


Anyone can get the thrill of online auctions from any device with our countdown timer.

Auctioneer View:

Real-time bids!

See the entire bid information in an only panel:

Better user control

Know your users and potential buyers.

Auction configuration

All features related to your auction can be customized.


The timer can indicate on-time closing or a programmable extension.

Is your auction being successful?

A real-time statistics panel will show you all the data you need to have the auction under control.

Bidding has never been easier.
Play with our virtual button panel!





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Elias Sanchez
CEO & Founder
Lucas Avellaneda
Head of software development
Jose Maria del Campo
Livestock division
Reina Parra
Marketing Analyst
Alfredo Romero
Streaming Leader
Matías Insinga
Front End Development
Paula Viqueira

Frequent questions

Can Bidbit be used for all kinds of auctions?

Our software is adaptable to any industry that uses the auction method for setting prices—from farming and agricultural or construction machinery to art, among others. Categories for products to be auctioned can be completely set up by the client.

How can buyers access the auction platform?

Bidbit is a product crafted for auction houses, livestock consignees, private firms and public institutions. Thus, our software is installed on the client’s website—we can develop the website ourselves or integrate our service very easily through a link.

Is it possible to hold live auctions with Bidbit?

Yes, our auctions can be held in two ways—asynchronously, through a timed auction, or live with an auctioneer with almost no delay (just 0.2 or 0.5 seconds!)

How can I learn to use it?

We’re always looking for the best user experience through simple user-friendly software. We also provide starter training and constant support so you can make the most of it.

How can I upload my lots in the system?

Our system has been designed in such a way that you can upload and manage your lots yourself. Even so, we offer an additional data entry service in case you prefer not to worry about a thing.

How can I see a demo?

Request a demo through our contact media and we’ll show you how Bidbit would work on your website.

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Noelia Tieso, Martín Saráchaga
August 01, 2022

I’m really satisfied with the platform; it’s very intuitive and easy-to-use. The company offers us a seamless service. They’re always eager to meet our needs and propose interesting improvements and innovations. A warm, professional team.

Maxi Acosta, Asesor en Flores Chicas
August 03, 2022

In Bidbit, we found what we had been looking for for years and we never dared to do. It’s simple and friendly. The technical and commercial support is both constant and outstanding.

Juan Sackmann, Cabaña Casamú
August 05, 2022

Their experience shows. I’m very satisfied with the online catalogue they made; I liked how the bull videos were shown and how easy it was to surf the different categories we presented. The whole live session went on smoothly, both in online and on-site auctions. We were able to focus on our auction without having to worry about the streaming. We’re looking forward to continuing our work together.

Sofía Boro, Martín Saráchaga
26 de Julio del 2022

We’re really pleased with Bidbit’s service. The platform works perfectly for online auctions. The whole team is always looking out for any needs that we may have.

Walter Sotelo, Juana de Arte
August 06, 2022

In our experience, the platform is very dynamic and has the information elements we were looking for. It’s all so easy and practical! The customer service is really good and they’re eager to deal with any doubt or query. The price is right. Five stars without a doubt.

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